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Bitchin' Digs Design & Real Estate.  Commercial Design, Residential Design, Real Estate.

Helping you to Buy, Sell, Rent or Lease property. 


Residential & Commercial Property Design.  

Services Include:

  • Design and Decoration Consultations

    • (For as little as one hour!)​   

  • Interior and Exterior Remodels/Renovations

    • (For as long as a year!)   

  • Designing Properties from the Ground-Up

    • (Conceptual Architecture Design...we design the entire property according to your needs and hire an architect & engineer to draw up the plans to code).   

  • Developing and Branding Properties Into Vacation Rentals 

    •    (From the remodel to the branding, we can help you create a Bitchin' Airbnb!)   

  • Other Creative Design Projects

    •  (Tiny Homes, RVs, Glamping Sites, Luxury Treehouses, Boutique Hotels, etc...the sky is the limit and we LOVE unique projects!)   

  • Staging Consultations

  • Staging for Listings and Photo Shoots

Our design can be as simple or as grand as you'd like it...whether you just need a quick consultation on paint colors, or a design team to come in for the whole shebang (full remodel/renovation or from the ground up)!

Bitchin' Digs is based in Malibu, California, but we love traveling around the world for exciting projects!  If you live in a different state or country, don't hesitate to call us! 

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