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Bitchin' Digs Design & Real Estate.  Commercial Design, Residential Design, Real Estate.

Our goal Bitchin' Digs™ is to create extraordinary environments.  Whether you hire us to design your dream home or restaurant from the ground up, negotiate a deal for a stunning piece of property, remodel a "fixer upper" or spend a holiday at one of our vacation rentals; we strive to create a vibe that eases your mind and adds a little extra pep in your step.  We believe that beauty is a key to happiness…why not surround yourself with it?  The bottom line is that we are passionate about finding and creating unique environments specifically suited to your needs. 

Our design projects creatively appeal to the senses. The inspiring designs, vibrant visuals, exotic scents, sexy lighting, luxurious fabrics, and eclectic music, all work together to create an overwhelmingly positive experience. 

In a nutshell…Bitchin' Digs is a Residential & Commercial Design and Real Estate Company, founded & managed by two sisters, Alyssa Hendrie and Tessa Hendrie, to fulfill their lifelong dream of creating and developing truly Bitchin' Digs™.

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