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We had the greatest time giving this Denver Cottage a Bitchin' makeover! We call this... "Bitchin' Vintage Cottage" a combination of vintage touches and whimsy.  

We are so grateful for how playful we could be with this project... It also didn't hurt that our client (and friend) happened to be a truly amazing painter (with plenty of pieces to pull from) and had an incredible collection of eclectic antiques to inspire the design.


Feast your eyes!

A fountain from all angles :)

Another fantastic piece of art by our client that perfectly matches our new additions!

Why use generic stodgy baskets and art when you can use vintage Canada Dry Boxes and an old bicycle wheel?

If you need me, I'll be at the lavender window seat! #Thanksanthropoligyforthesweetpillows

Eclectic whimsy!

All of a sudden I am craving a scone...

Best seat in the house! (I mean outside the house)

Want a piano in this setting? Only if you let us find a vintage one, can you say green pianooo, heck yes!!