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Where to buy?  When to buy?  Dilemma...dilemma...dilemma…

So you’ve decided to take the leap, or are mulling it over and need a little advice.  We are here for you, to do it with you… hold your hand, scream in anticipation, shout for joy, laugh with glee and find you the best deal in the best location we possibly can.  Bitchin’ times ahead!

One of the great aspects of working with agents who are also designers is that the word "settle" rarely appears... when you are looking to buy, you usually have to "give" on something; be it price, location, condition... but with us, if we find the right location and the right price, the condition can be changed and completely made to suit you and your taste!  


(*Gasp* You mean you CAN have it all!?  We believe so!)




So you’ve decided to Sell… why choose us?

We all know that there is no lack of realtors out there. We are sure you have heard of at least a dozen… in ads, on newspapers, billboards, your neighbor, your neighbor’s neighbor, maybe even a family member… and one thing remains true; we all have pretty much the same access to all of the inventory.  So what’s left?


  • First, you have to find someone you trust!


Do your diligence: do they answer your questions, are they easy to reach, do their past clients speak well of them, etc…?


  • Second, do you enjoy their company?


Well…you should! You will be spending a significant amount of time with them, especially on the phone and it is always a less stressful process, if you don’t dread talking to them (not to mention if YOU like them, the likelihood of the BUYING agents liking them is high).  If they have a good relationship with you, you can bet that they can cultivate good relationships with other people, which is a HUGE advantage to you in this process.  Don’t you think that if they make friends with other agents, the other agents will be more inclined to work with them and bring THEIR clients to YOUR home?  We think so!  If there are three homes that all have the same qualifications, but one of them has a listing agent that is liked and respected, you can bet an agent will show THAT home first… it’s just the way the world works!

  • Third, are they a “Top Agent” and how many clients do they have?


It is a common misconception that in order to get the best price/deal/outcome you need to hire a “Top Agent”.  This is certainly not always the case.


What is MOST important in an agent is not only that they are competent, but the time and personal attention they give to YOU.  It’s not that some “Top Agents” don’t do a terrific job, because they do, but just like hiring a well-known cleaning crew, they sometimes have so many clients and have done it so many times, that they rush over the nooks and crannies… wouldn’t you rather have someone who does a careful and thorough job? We know we would.

  • Fourth, major selling points of a house have to do with presentation, and if we know nothing else, we know good presentation!  

The right lighting, the right staging, the right smell, a great photo, we KNOW how to present your home in the best possible “light”.  As we all know, most (if not all) of your potential buyers will find you either on the internet, or at your open house.  


Every.  Visual.  Detail.  Counts.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you Lessees out there!

We know that for one reason or another, sometimes the best option is to lease. Whether your looking for a vacation rental (we’ve got you covered with “The Bitchin’ Beach House) or a longer term lease, we can help you find a Bitchin’ Location to rent, help spruce up the place (if it needs it) and we know how to work within the rules of the HOA/Management office to make your place extraordinary!  Let’s do this!

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