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Have you ever walked into a place and the only word that comes to mind is, “Wow!”?  A place where you instantly relax, feel a connection to your surroundings and are enchanted by the beauty around you.  Welcome to the luxurious ‘Lodge in the Forest’ River Estate!


The property is so very unique; words cannot describe its magical quality. The main lodge was artistically designed with exquisite craftsmanship around two cabins built in the 1800s, which have become the bedrooms. The views from the multi-storied floor to ceiling windows of the main lodge are breathtaking…86 private acres of serene forest hillside sweeping down to a small river gracefully flowing into the grand Arkansas River. Hear the faint whistle as you watch the trains crossing the picturesque railroad trellis and see the parade of giant barges and boats. Indian arrowheads are treasures often found in the private woods & trails leading down to the riverbank.


Sounds of the forest…birds, wildlife and wind through the trees…soothe the soul.  The fresh air has a sweet, aromatic quality.  The vistas and views are awe-inspiring!  Whether you come in the Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, the property changes beautifully with the seasons and appeals to the senses.  


Uniquely private, yet not remote.  A gorgeous setting for a TV Series, major Hollywood Motion Picture or private corporate retreat. (This location is on par with the stunning locations of movies like, “The Proposal,” “Something’s Gotta Give,”  “It’s Complicated,” “The Parent Trap,” "A River Runs Through It," and "The Cider House Rules.")

•    86 acres of gorgeous Arkansas woods.

•    Main lodge estate (fully furnished).

•    Two guest cabins (fully furnished).  Both cabins have a kitchen and bathroom.

•    Private trails going down to the riverfront.

•    Breathtaking views of the forest & Arkansas river.

•    Small waterfall & bridge.

•    Several porches around the property with breathtaking views, porch swings & beautiful furniture.

•    Dining areas (indoor & outdoor).

•    Statues.

•    Artistic, creative touches throughout the property.

•    Uniquely private, yet not remote.  

For more information, a full list of features & amenities, pricing and availability, please contact Bitchin’ Digs – or 1-866-DIGS-888.

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