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In every home, there may be aspects that, while functional, aren’t necessarily easy on the eyes. From cords snaking across the floor to storage areas that seem to defy organization, these “eyesores” can disrupt the harmony of a living space.  In this Redfin article, we’ve compiled thirteen tried-and-true tips from design professionals to help you transform your space, ensuring that form meets function in the most aesthetically pleasing way. So whether you rent an apartment in Tyler, TX, or own a house in Valparaiso, IN, say goodbye to visual distractions and hello to a home that exudes both practicality and style...


13. Use curtains 

Utilizing curtains is a versatile and elegant solution for concealing eyesores in any space. Whether it’s hiding an unattractive view or concealing storage areas, well-chosen curtains can effortlessly blend functionality with style, transforming the overall look and feel of a room.


“When in doubt, use curtains,” recommends Bitchin’ Digs. “We’ve used them to hide all sorts of eyesores, parts of your house or a restaurant that you don’t have the budget to remodel fully. We have used light filtering curtains or stained glass over windows with an ugly view.” 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: 14 Expert Tips for Concealing Eyesores in Your Home

By Ryan Castillo, Redfin


You'd never guess this luxury beach house in Malibu is actually a double-wide trailer

By Lisa Boone, LA Times


Tessa Hendrie’s interior design career began when she was 8 years old.

“She started by redoing her bathroom,” recalls her mother, Stephanie.


It turned out so well, she encouraged Tessa to move forward with a red and black jazz-lounge-themed bedroom.


Stephanie knew her daughter was serious about interior design when she made the paint attendant at the hardware store remix a gallon of red paint “about 50 times.”


“Tessa kept saying, ‘Red is not red,’ ” her mother says now with a laugh.


An aspiring interior designer, Tessa, now 29, realized her dream eight years ago when she and her sister Alyssa, 36, purchased a rundown beach house in Dana Point.

“It was advertised as the cheapest house in Dana Point,” says Tessa, who was a student at San Diego State at the time.


It may have been the cheapest house — the sisters had saved their money for years to purchase a home — but it was also, well, sketchy.


Still, Tessa looked at the forlorn property and imagined a Caribbean-style boutique hotel.


Commuting from San Diego, Tessa and Alyssa updated the house, doing much of the work themselves. They painted the walls and exterior in colorful hues, furnished it with Craigslist finds and christened it the “Bitchin’ Beach House.” Before long, the rental was booked regularly and bringing in more than $200 a night...





Sisters Alyssa and Tessa Hendrie grew up in California but spent many a vacation in San Antonio, visiting their grandparents who lived in Alamo Heights.


Their grandmother, Helen Marie Hendrie, was a founding member of the Southwest School of Art, so a visit to the school was often on the agenda.


“We were treated like royalty there,” said Alyssa, 41. “And grandma always took us to the gift shop so we could buy a piece of art or jewelry made by the artists there. We loved it.”

So when the sisters had the opportunity in 2019 to buy a two-bedroom, two-bath condominium close enough to the school they can see the clock tower from the fourth-floor balcony, they didn’t hesitate.

“We can feel our grandmother’s presence here,” said Tessa, 34. “We fall in love with the place and want to keep it forever”...

Lights, color, quatrefoils: California sisters with San Antonio roots transform their River Walk condo
By Richard A. Marini, San Antonio Express News


NILE and Bitchin' Digs to the rescue!!  We had a blast hangin’ the amazing Tim Helfrey (Co-Founder) and Kirk Hawkins (Head of Growth) from NILE! 

After much anticipation and over 10 years of Tessa being a licensed Realtor, we are ecstatic to say that Bitchin' Digs has teamed up with an incredible new Real Estate Technology company called NILE!  As much as we love all things Real Estate, one of our LEAST favorite parts is the paperwork and endless chaotic back and forth. We think we’ve actually just found the solution!  Set to streamline the whole transaction process for both sellers and buyers, we couldn’t be more excited to implement this new time-saving technology! Technology aside, the whole team at NILE is incredible.  We believe this awesome company has the potential to change the entire Real Estate industry! We can’t wait for all of the possibilities!

Designing Real Estate's Potential with Bitchin' Digs
NILE Real Estate Tech Podcast

Redfin Design Advice Bitchin' Digs

Painting your walls is a great way to add color to your home, but it’s also a big task and a fairly permanent addition. If you live somewhere short-term, say an apartment in Portland, OR or a rental home in Chicago, IL, paint might be out of the question. Luckily, there are ways to add color to a room without touching a paint roller. 

We reached out to design experts to share their unique ways to add a pop of color to a room and make the space your own. Check out their ideas to get inspired...

...Incorporate colorful curtains and rugs

Do you live in a temporary spot, but still want a life full of color? Paint is absolutely not necessary to add some color to your life. Curtains and rugs are two of our favorite ways to spruce up a place. If you need some brightness and texture, go for velvet curtains in your favorite color and hues to match your rug. Most importantly – have some fun. – The Girls at Bitchin’ Digs in Malibu, CA...

Adding a Pop of Color: How to Add Color to a Room

By Julia Weaver, Redfin

IMG_1043 2.jpeg


You might have seen them riding around town in a 1926 red Model T listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Or been treated to a peek into one of their many transformative projects, including a multi-million dollar mobile home in the Point Dume Club, affectionately dubbed the Trailer Villa, a luxurious haven redesigned to the owner’s specifications.


Malibuites Tessie Marie and Alyssa Belle Hendrie, aka The girls at Bitchin’ Digs, knew from an early age that they would work in real estate.

“Our grandparents wanted to live in these incredible places, but they didn’t have a lot of money,” Tessa Marie said. “Somehow, my grandmother managed to get a villa in Mexico for them to live in one half of the year and an amazing place in Nevada that they could enjoy the other part of the year, and visiting them in those homes made us want to surround ourselves with beauty and to create our own special spaces because a lot of our best memories involve those incredible properties”.... 

The Girls at Bitchin’ Digs — Malibu Designers Impress

By Barbara Burke, Malibu Surfside News

Alpha Phi.jpg

Designing a Dream

Alpha Phi Quarterly International Magazine Feature



What do you love most about what you do?

We get so much joy out of people falling in love with the spaces we create.  We've had people from around the world celebrate life events in spaces we designed.  Plus, it's exciting to be entrepreneurs.  The thrill of having an idea, working diligently and creatively to make it happen, seeing it come to life and making a positive impact is the best.  

What makes something "bitchin' to you?

A "Bitchin'" property is an environment that not only looks good but feels good.  An ambiance, a vibe, that makes you exhale, relax, enjoy and celebrate life with the people you love.  The whole concept should enhance the beautiful, hide the not-so-beautiful and play to the environment....  




Living in Southern California means sunny days, outdoor entertaining and maybe enjoying an ocean view or gazing at the mountains. While reviewing many of the most popular home tours we published this year in the Saturday section, there was one common thread they all shared: They welcome the light indoors.

There were homes with floor-to-ceiling windows and lighter tones, there were raised floors that boost the view, and rustic materials that bring warmth inside. There were cottage-style homes and Spanish-inspired… but what resonated most with online readers was a style that fits in well with outdoor living: Midcentury Modern.

Given that light combined with great weather is such a permanent feature in the region, it also helps to highlight the views from a one-floor house to a condo overlooking downtown and from Palm Springs to Malibu. Here are 11 of our most popular homes:

...A Malibu trailer transformed...

A look back at the most popular homes featured in 2017: Is your favorite here?

By Denise Florez, LA Times 





We were thrilled to learn that “Bitchin’ Baywatch” was “Home of the Month” in Malibu Magazine!!! It was a blast to Stage! 

For the full article click the "Read More" Button.

Home of the Month

Malibu Magazine 

Call Toni Real Estate Radio Show - Bitchin' Digs

Published on Jul 8, 2013, Real Estate Radio

Our debut on the National Real Estate Network!  We were thrilled to be guests on Real Estate Radio's "Call Toni" Show. We discussed Bitchin’ Digs, interior design, how to start a successful and thriving business from modest means, the best opportunities and strategies for a young real estate investor, and why you should start young. 


Thank you, Toni Patillo, Karla Dennis, and Jake Lefferman for inviting us to be on the show!

Every OC Airbnb owner claims to be "charming," "steps to the beach", and "close to Disneyland," and while the best ones are certainly these things, they also have two qualities that distinguish them from everyone else: quirk and character. From Caribbean-inspired beach bungalows to a 30-foot sailboat, here are the Airbnbs that are attractions as much as the places people visit here for...

The Bitchin' Beach House (Dana Point)

A colorful beach bungalow, you already know you're going to have fun--maybe too much fun--at The Bitchin' Beach House. Inspired by the Caribbean, the interior consists of stained glass, and fun names are given to the rooms like "Captain's Room" (it's got a hanging-chair hammock!) and "Bamboo Room," which is decorated with furniture from a villa in Mexico and includes a handmade bed constructed with bamboo...

10 Coolest Airbnbs In Orange County

By Kristine Hoang, OC Weekly


I've spent a lot of time living and travelling throughout the United States over the last few years. It's simultaneously one of the most beautiful yet downtrodden, insane yet completely logical places on Earth. It's somehow cartoonish and completely corporate while still maintaining an undeniable sense of uniqueness.

However for all of the quirk and charm of America's smaller cities, towns and sub cultures - there's nothing that quite compares to the Californian coast. It's a mecha for the rich and famous, wannabes and never-weres and downright gorgeous to boot.

Australians who have never been, to put it in context, should imagine a place that possesses the stunning environment of the Gold Coast and the personality melting pot of Sydney...

Orange County, California  

Bitchin Digs Beach Bungalo

By Sean Lynch, Web Wombat Australia

9 Tropical Orange County Porch Design Photos

SF Gate

22 Tropical Los Angeles Kids' Room Design Photos
SF Gate

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