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Bitchin' Digs Design & Real Estate.  Commercial Design, Residential Design, Real Estate.


Design from the ground up. Architecture, Interiors, Exteriors, Furniture...every inch designed from scratch.



After three incredible years, our project (what has come to be affectionately known as “The Malibu Trailer Villa”) has come together as a symphony of light/color/shapes that creates a truly Bitchin’ Digs experience.

Collaborating with our wonderful client, a close friend (more like family), was the icing on the cake. The adventure of seeking out the perfect property; negotiating a killer purchase price; knocking down the existing home and starting from a blank slate; conceptualizing the architectural design from every angle and view on the property; making small spaces appear larger since the property is in a mobile home park with close neighbors; designing everything to code as a mobile home; analyzing and planning every fixture, window placement, nook and cranny; designing custom furniture - doors, ceilings, patterns, are some of the many reasons why this project was an extraordinary experience. A life-changing, labor of love project, with a team consisting of a fantastic contractor and so many remarkable subcontractors, skilled craftsmen and project managers.


We feel very lucky to have worked with such talent. We love design! We love creating amazing environments for our clients and to share with our friends and family. We feel honored to have had this opportunity to create and to be able to live and work here for a while; experiencing it for ourselves and our friends. Not too shabby!

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